Pet Therapy Resources

There are several other programs in the Valley of the Sun providing pet visits and other sites with good information on the human-animal bond and animal assisted or visitation therapy, as well as information on psychiatric assistance dogs.

Gabriel’s Angels

This is a local organization of over 160 volunteer pet therapy teams whose mission is to deliver healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives — in both the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Telephone: 602-266-0875, E-mail: (Requires Delta Society certification)

Companion Animal Association of Arizona

Companion Animal Association of Arizona (CAAA) is a pet-visitation therapy program in Phoenix, Arizona, which also provides pet-loss grief counseling. Telephone: 602-258-3306

Dog Play

Wonderful coverage of all activities involving pets. Click on Activities, then Animal Assisted Therapy.

Hospice of the Valley

Hospice of the Valley’s Pet-connections has volunteer-pet teams visiting hospice patients in the Valley of the Sun.

Love on a Leash

A group in California with small chapters around the U.S.

Happy Tails Service Dogs

Phoenix based organization which teaches you to teach your own dog to be an assist dog or hearing ear dog. Free weekly classes for 20 months to become certified.

Intermountain Therapy Animals

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, it has 200 registered volunteer-pet teams across Utah, Montana, Nevada, and Idaho. It also sponsors 1,200 Reading Assistance Dogs in the Unted States, Canada, and Europe.

How to do things with your pet

Information on solution to many pet problems

Just US Dogs

Contains material on Animal Assisted Therapy, training, and other information. Look in Dog Links (top of page), then Animal Assisted Therapy.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Guide to Psychiatric Service Dogs for Mental Health Treatment.

Therapy Dogs Helping with Rehabilitation

Therapy Dogs Helping with Rehabilitation

Therapy Paws (Litchfield, AZ)

Providing volunteerism in the community through therapy animals.

A Guide to Service Dogs

What are ‘Service Dogs’. This link will take you to a reference page for various organizations and information on the many different types of categories.